Have you have wondered why Henry VIII had six wives or why the French Revolution happened, or whether the holocaust could happen again?  In the space of just three years in KS3, we cover the main highlights of British, European and world history from 1066 to 1991.

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The history curriculum at Leigh Academy Tonbridge holds at its centre the belief that “The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” (Theodore Roosevelt). Our curriculum allows pupils to analyse the past and evaluate some of the key events, people and changes that occured, in order to draw their own conclusions about these topics and apply the lessons learnt from them into their own lives and the world around them.

  • Modules 1-2: The Norman Conquest
  • Modules 3-4: Medieval Life
  • Module 5: The Tudors
  • Module 6: The Stuarts and the Civil War
  • Modules 1-2: The French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars
  • Module 3: Black History
  • Modules 4: Black History and the Long 19th Century
  • Module 5: The Long 19th Century
  • Module 6: Women’s History
  • Module 1: WW1
  • Module 2: WW1 and the Interwar Years
  • Module 3: The Interwar Years and WW2
  • Module 4:WW2 and the Holocaust
  • Module 5: The Holocaust
  • Module 6: The Cold War
  • Modules 1-3: Medicine in Britain 1250-Present
  • Modules 4: Surgery on the Western Front
  • Modules 5 & 6: Henry VIII and his Ministers 1509-1540
  • Modules 1 & 2: Weimar and Nazi Germany 1919-1939
  • Modules 3-5:Superpower Relations and the Cold War 1941-1991
  • Module 6: Revision and GCSE Exams
  • Modules 1-6: Britain 1625-1701: conflict, revolution and settlement and Russia in Revolution 1894-1924
  • Modules 1-6:Germany 1871-1990: united, divided, reunited and Coursework
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History does not repeat itself, except in the minds of those who do not know history.
Kahil Gibran