A graphic image showing a business trend graph and various other financial charts.


Course Duration
2 Years

Examination Board

Entry Criteria

Merit in BTEC or grade 5 in GCSE business.  Students do not have to have studied business at KS4 but will need a grade 5 in GCSE English and GCSE maths.

Why study A level Business?

What will I study during the course duration?

The course is structured into four themes and assessed via three externally examined papers. Students are introduced to business in Themes 1 and 2 through building knowledge of core business concepts and applying them to business contexts to develop a broad understanding of how businesses work. Breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding, with applications to a wider range of contexts and more complex business information, are developed in Themes 3 and 4, requiring students to take a more strategic view of business opportunities and issues.

Students are encouraged to use an enquiring, critical and thoughtful approach to the study of business, to understand that business behaviour can be studied from a range of perspectives and to challenge assumptions. The specification and assessment will encourage students to follow business developments and think critically about contemporary business issues. Much of the assessment material is based on real or realistic business situations. By examining and thinking critically about real business situations as they study the subject, students will gain an insight into different contexts which will help them to understand the key issues in any situation and compare and contrast this with other situations and apply their understanding.

How will I be assessed?

  • Paper 1: Assesses marketing, people and global businesses. Questions will be drawn from Themes 1 and 4, and from local, national and global contexts.
  • Paper 2: Assesses business finance and operations, business decisions and strategy. Questions will be drawn from Themes 2 and 3, and from local, national and global contexts.
  • Paper 3: Assesses content across all four themes. Questions will be drawn from local, national and global contexts. For Paper 3, there will be a pre-released context.

Theme 1: Marketing & People

Students will develop an understanding of:  

  • meeting customer needs  
  • the market  marketing mix and strategy  managing people  
  • entrepreneurs and leaders

Theme 2: Managing Business Activities

Students will develop an understanding of: 

  • raising finance  
  • financial planning  
  • managing finance  
  • resource management  external influences

Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy

This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 2 including:  

  • business objectives and strategy  
  • business growth  
  • decision-making techniques  
  • influences on business decisions  assessing competitiveness

Theme 4: Global business

This theme develops the concepts introduced in Theme 1 including: 

  • globalisation 
  • global markets and business expansion  
  • global marketing 
  • global industries and companies  multinational corporations

Career opportunities and Future study

Business Studies can give students a range of skills that can be beneficial in both personal and professional capacities, such as leadership skills, improved employability skills and a vast knowledge of business concepts. This course can allow you to work within the business world in highly-demanded careers like accountancy, marketing, administration and data analysis.

It can also create numerous opportunities for further education, in fields such as:

  • management
  • law
  • data analysis & statistics
  • accountancy & finance
  • customer services & HR