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Course Duration
2 Years

Examination Board

Entry Criteria
Grade 4 in both English and Maths GCSEs, and at least 3 other qualifications at 4 or above, including Grade 5 in Geography.  If Geography was not studied at GCSE level, a grade 5 in English Language GCSE is required.

Why study A level Geography?

What will I study during the course duration?

We follow the Edexcel 2 year A Level Geography course which encourages students to gain  enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of achievement as they develop their knowledge and  understanding of the subject. This A Level course will enable students to be inspired by their  geographical understanding, to engage critically with real world issues and places, and to  apply their geographical knowledge, theory and skills to the world around them. Students  will grow as independent thinkers and as informed and engaged citizens, who understand  the role and importance of geography as one of the key disciplines relevant to  understanding the world’s changing peoples, places and environments.

How will I be assessed?

Paper 1

  • 25% of A Level, 2 hour examination 
  • Tectonic Processes
  • Coastal Landscapes
  • Water insecurity
  • Energy Security
  • Climate Change

Paper 2

  • 30% of A Level, 2 hour examination 
  • Globalisation
  • Diverse Places
  • Superpowers
  • Migration

Paper 3

  • 25% of A Level, 1 hour 45 min examination
  • Synoptic investigation of a geographical issues

Paper 4

  • 25% of A Level, Independent investigation (coursework)
  • 3000 – 4000 written report.

Career opportunities and Future study

As a degree subject, geography is highly respected by employers. Geography graduates have one of the highest rates of graduate employment, pursuing a wide range of career paths. It’s often said that there is no such thing as a geography job; rather there are multiple jobs that geographers do.

Careers include:

  • Policy Advisory 
  • Conservation
  • Political Researcher and Political Advocacy
  • Tourism and Business Management
  • Business Analyst and Trading