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Secondary schools can be overwhelming for young people making the transition from small primary schools to large schools with cohorts of up to 300 students in a year group. This scale enables schools to provide a broad and diverse curriculum but also presents a challenge – how will every child be truly known? Leigh Academy Tonbridge is organised into three colleges – Delphi, Lyceum, and Olympia. Each college provides pastoral care to approximately 250 students, led by the Head of College (Vice Principal) and Deputy Head of College (Assistant Principal), each is also supported by a Director of Progress and two Student Support Managers. Students are placed in mixed ability form groups and have dedicated form time each day where they follow a set curriculum. All students, regardless of college, access the same academic and pastoral curriculum across the academy. The college model means that every child will be known, cared for and challenged to succeed.

Our Colleges: Delphi, Lyceum and Olympia

The first formal academy (‘akedemia’) was established by the ancient philosopher, Plato in 387BC. It was the first example of a setting with a clear distinction between teachers and students and even the first formal curriculum. It is this etymology that inspired the naming of our three colleges: Delphi, Lyceum, and Olympia.

Delphi College – considered by the ancient Greeks to be the centre of the world, the classical city of Delphi was home to one of the greatest stages ever known. Here, in a magnificent theatre built into the mountainside, audiences were inspired by great actors, musicians and academics.

Lyceum College – one of the ancient world’s key centres of philosophical debate, Aristotle’s Lyceum in Athens hosted the most celebrated thinkers of the time providing them with a stage to inspire great debate and learning. 

Olympia College – The name “Olympia” embodies the perfect spirit for our small school within Leigh Academy Tonbridge. It evokes the image of the Greek goddess, Olympia, symbolising excellence, achievement, and a thirst for knowledge. Additionally, its link to the ancient Olympic Games, held in Olympia, Greece, reinforces the values of competition, sportsmanship, and striving for personal bests – all crucial aspects of a well-rounded education fostered in our community! 

Our colleges will provide the young people at Leigh Academy Tonbridge with a stage for their own futures.

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