The pastoral team works together to promote the happiness and wellbeing of all students around the academy and in the local community to maintain our high expectations regarding behaviour and attitude to learning. The first port of call is the Form Tutor who will develop a close bond with children and encourage them to be part of a team. Their main role is to monitor a pupil’s attendance, punctuality, general well-being and to support them in activities.  New pupils will meet their Form Tutor and other children in their class on an Induction Day prior to joining the academy in July of the year of admission.

Leigh Academy Tonbridge is organised into two colleges – Delphi and Lyceum. Each college provides pastoral care to approximately 250 students, led by the Head of College (Vice Principal) and Deputy Head of College (Assistant Principal), each is also supported by a Director of Progress and two Student Support Managers. Students are placed in mixed ability form groups and have dedicated form time each day where they follow a set curriculum.

Parents may also contact us with any concerns, however small, and we will always try to accommodate you immediately. 

If you would like to speak to a member of the team, in the first instance please contact one of our Student Support Managers who will be able to help you. They will then bring in Directors of Progress, Assistant Head of College and Head of College, where appropriate.

Please contact the pastoral team on 01732 500600.


  • Head of College – Mr S Reader
  • Assistant Head of College – Ms L Kane
  • Director of Progress – Mrs V Sage
  • Student Manager KS3 – Mrs F Concannon
  • Student Manager KS4 – Mrs J Finch


  • Head of College – Mrs J Gray
  • Assistant Head of College – Mr L Upton
  • Director of Progress – Mr D Roberts
  • Student Manager KS3 – Mrs R Nugent
  • Student Manager KS4 – Ms L Christmas
Three male students are sat a desks working on computers. They are collaborating with one another to complete their work.