In September 2023, Hayesbrook became Leigh Academy Tonbridge as we welcomed our first mixed cohort in Year 7 and there has never been a better time to join the school. In December 2022  we were inspected by Ofsted who judged the school to be a securely ‘Good’ school where behaviour and attitudes are graded as ‘outstanding’. ‘The schools’ small size ensures that all pupils are known, valued and nurtured…Behaviour and attitudes are exceptional.’

The inspection recognised strengths in reading and literacy; careers provision; teachers’ subject knowledge; the support provided by the trust and the governing body; as well as identifying the ‘meticulous’ arrangements for safeguarding. The report also recognised “Senior leaders are relentless about raising standards and maintaining high expectations…”.. These strengths were fully underpinned by the Inspectors through their meetings with students and staff, and the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from the parental community.

In 2022, our Progress 8 score ( national measure of student progress) was +0.25, showing that our students achieve approximately a quarter of a grade better than their peers nationally. This is one of the highest scores for non-selective schools in Kent. The academy has regularly ranked in the top 10 non-selective and non-denominational schools in Kent based on student achievement for GCSE – although it seems a long way off I am certain you will be pleased to know how successful students are when they leave us. Furthermore, all of our Year 13 students achieved a place at their first-choice university. We believe in offering a curriculum that is right for our students as individuals; one which provides them the chance to be inspired, learn new things and gives them a range of experiences.

In-Year Admissions

LATonbridge accepts applications from all year groups throughout the year, known as “In Year Admissions”. The process for applying to join the academy is as follows:

  1. Complete the initial application form here as fully as possible. The completed form is submitted to our Admissions Department, and will commence the In Year Admission process.
  2. Our Admissions Department will contact you to further qualify the application and offer you a place on the next available school tour. We offer group tours followed by individual meetings every other Friday from 9.00am. We would always recommend that as well as parents/carers attending this tour, the student should also attend, they are the ones who need to be the most comfortable and happy to attend the academy each day.
  3. On the day of the tour, you will need to bring a copy of either a birth certificate or passport for your child, along with proof of address for the parent making the application (council tax/utility bill or similar). Please also bring a copy of your child’s latest academic and attendance reports.
  4. Our Admissions Department will provide families with all the relevant admissions forms for completion.
  5. The Senior Leadership Team meet every Tuesday afternoon to discuss all applications.
  6. With successful applications, the student will be formally invited to join the academy on the next Friday (unless falling on the last day of term).
  7. For full details of our uniform, click here. Parents must order the relevant college tie, blazer and PE kit from Brigade. If the uniform has not arrived in time for the student’s first day, they must wear all non-branded items (white shirt, grey trousers or pleated skirt and black shoes) and a blazer and tie will be loaned until your order arrives.
  8. On the first day, new students should come to Reception where they will be met by their Student Manager and will be given their Chromebook, charger, timetable and any other useful information.

Waiting Lists at Leigh Academy Tonbridge

Once offers have been made by Kent Admissions, a waiting list will be maintained by Leigh Academy Tonbridge and places are offered if they become available in accordance with our oversubscription criteria.


If you have not been offered a place at Leigh Academy Tonbridge, the law entitles you to appeal against that decision to an Independent Appeal Panel. This panel is completely independent of the school and the Local Authority. All appeals will be heard online which has the advantage that your appeal can be heard from your home or place of work.

If you wish to appeal, please use this link to complete your appeal online. Please do NOT use ANY other appeal form or send your form to your local authority. It is suggested that you download the explanatory booklet about appeals which you should read before you complete the appeal form.

Appeals Explanatory Booklet - Education Appeals

You should include any evidence or supporting material with your appeal form and you MUST give the grounds for your appeal at the time you lodge your appeal form. Your appeal form will not be accepted unless you state the grounds for your appeal. You may appeal for more than one school, but on different forms.

Any letters or reports that you wish the panel to see should be uploaded at this time.  You are asked to bear in mind that if you later send additional information, the closing date is 5 working days before the STAGE 1 hearing.  All appointed panels have agreed NOT to take any late letters or reports after the 5 working day deadline.  This will be strictly enforced.  For secondary/primary transfer appeals, the hearing will take place at least TWO months after the refusal letter.  This gives you plenty of time to get your evidence together if you act early and take account of school holidays.

Please note that the online form will ask you to download two utility bills dated in the last THREE months.  If you do not have access to a scanner, please take two photographs with a mobile phone and upload the photographic files.

Full details about the hearing will be sent to you with your invitation to the hearing.

If you wish to contact the clerk – email :

Timetable for Appeals

Last day for lodging appeal forms for a place in year 7 to start in September 2024

4pm on Tuesday 2 April 2024 to guarantee that your appeal will be heard in the first tranche of appeals.  Appeals lodged later may not be heard until the second tranche which could be in September 2024You MUST state the reasons for your appeal and supply any documentary evidence at this stage.

The stage 1 part of the hearing (with other parents present) will take place on

Thursday 13 June 2024 at 5 pm

Part 2, the individual private hearings will take place on

Monday 17 – Thursday 20 June 2024 (depending on the number of appeals)

Invitation letter giving details about your hearing will be sent by the Clerk to the Independent Appeal Panel

At least 10 school days before the stage 1 hearing.

Any additional supporting evidence

Closing date is Thursday 6 June 2024. You are advised that additional paperwork received on the day of the appeal hearing will not be taken into account. Please provide the Clerk with FIVE copies of any new additional evidence BY POST ONLY. All such evidence to be submitted in A4 format and NOT bound, but may be stapled on the top left hand corner.  Paperwork submitted with your appeal form does not need to include 5 copies.  These must be sent to EdAp, Sopers House, Sopers Road, Cuffley, Herts, EN6 4RY.

Letter from the Clerk informing you of the decision of the independent appeal panel

Due to the high number of appeals held at this time, this may not be sent until up to 10 working days after the last hearing for the school.

Mid-Term Applications Appeals

Last day for lodging appeal forms following a refusal for a place ‘in year’ or ‘mid-term’ excluding 6th form.

You must lodge the appeal form within 20 school days upon receipt of your letter of refusal.  You MUST state the reasons for your appeal and supply documentary evidence at this stage. Appeals are held within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal form.

Sixth Form Applications Appeals

Last day for lodging appeals

4pm on Thursday 29 August 2024 to guarantee that your appeal will be heard within the first weeks of September. You MUST state the reasons for your appeal on the online form and supply any documentary evidence at this stage e.g. a copy of your result sheet. 

Please note the timetable is very short to enable those appellants who win appeals to start as early into the school year as possible.  

Click here for the 6th form appeal form

Appeal date

The date will be during the month of September 2024.