At Leigh Academy Tonbridge, we are proud of our students and our students are proud of their school. Our school uniform plays an essential role in identifying them not only as members of the whole academy community but also their individual colleges too. We believe that a  smart appearance is an increasingly important aspect of modern life as it does help a person to display an air of self-confidence and a sense of respect. The academy aims to prepare students for a successful life and so an emphasis on taking pride in one’s own appearance is an essential part of the educational process. The academy has a clear  uniform policy which helps to enhance the purposeful and successful climate of the academy. 

The academy Uniform and Equipment Policy also creates a unity of spirit where there is no distinction between students in terms of wealth or background and supports our belief that personal appearance does affect standards of behaviour and therefore academic performance.

All clothing MUST be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

As our students are loaned a Chromebook (for all classwork, homework and revision) and all text and exercise books remain in class, we no longer use lockers. Student bags should only contain minimal items including their Chromebook, pencil case, note paper and a packed lunch, if appropriate. They will need to bring the relevant kit for PE and any after school clubs

We have sourced school uniform that we feel are of good quality but also that is affordable. All uniform can be purchased from our supplier Brigade via their website. We recommend the standard grey trousers / pleated grey skirts  on sale in major suppliers such as Marks and Spencer and Sainsburys. Multipack white shirts can also be purchased from these retailers. 

click here to go to brigade’s website

All students are expected to wear the following uniform: 

  • Blazer (specific college trim – Delphi: Gold; Lyceum: Teal)
  • Tie (specific college colours) 
  • White shirt 
  • Grey formal trousers  / pleated skirt (to be worn on or below the knee)
  • Black / navy / grey ankle socks or tights (no patterns)
  • Black shoes (see visual guide below)

Students need a sturdy bag/rucksack (clearly named).

Students must also bring a suitable bag to school to carry their books, Chromebook and other equipment. A protective Chromebook case is also essential. 

Students in Year 7 must have the Leigh Academy Tonbridge branded school backpack. 

Boys and Girls Acceptable Uniform chart.
  • School branded PE t-shirt / polo shirt 
  • Navy, unbranded shorts 
  • Navy, unbranded jogging bottoms
  • Sports socks 
  • Appropriate footwear (trainers / astro boots for lessons on the 3G)

The following are also optional: 

  • School branded PE Zip Top 
  • School branded navy sports leggings 
  • Plain navy skort 
  • School Bag
  • Academy issued Chromebook
  • Pencil Case
  • 2X Black/Blue Pens
  • 2X Green Pens
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Coloured pencils
  • Scientific calculator (Casio FX-83GTX)
  • A compass
  • A protractor
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Glue and scissors (optional)
  • A reading book
  • Sweatshirts – No sweatshirts or hooded sweatshirts are permitted.
  • Hair Colour and style must be appropriate for school. No extreme colours or styles.
  • Jewellery – A watch and one pair of small, plain round gold or silver stud earrings – one plain stud in the lobe of each ear (no diamante or hoops) are permitted.  No studs or rings in any other part of the body. 
  • No other jewellery is permitted unless for medical reasons.
  • Make-up and Nails – No make-up for Years 7/8/9 and must be removed if requested.
  • Discreet make-up for Year 10/11.
  • No nail varnish in any year. 
  • No acrylic or any other fake nails.
  • No fake eyelashes.